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I believe my generation has the unique opportunity to save the world. If no action is taken, the world will see catastrophic climate change within the next half century, the cost of which will be measured in human lives. But at this pivotal moment, we have a window of opportunity. We can create the just, sustainable and prosperous future that we seek. I am a Vassar student spending my junior year at the University of Oregon, and I am going to Copenhagen this December to do everything I can to ensure that a mutual survival pact is agreed upon, not a suicide pact.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Listen to my Report from Copenhagen on KPOV at 5pm!

KPOV 106.7, Bend's Community Radio Station is airing reports on Copenhagen from me during these next two weeks!  Listen in at 5pm on Wednesday and Friday of this week and Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week!  

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  1. Sister Moey, it was great to listen to you on KPOV (106.7 in Bend and on line)and to hear that your friends crashed the Americans for Prosperity thing. I hear that some right-wing members of Congress will head over there, too. Perhaps another opportunity to speak the truth to power. Its people like you--not these misguided yahoos--who are representing the interests of the American people. Thanks for being there for us. I passed your blog site and phone # on to Barbara Byrd, secretary-treasurer of the Oregon AFL-CIO, who is also in Cpenhagen. Hopefully the two of you can connect. Power to the people. Michael Funke, Bend (Not Tris, just only way I could post via KPOV)


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