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I believe my generation has the unique opportunity to save the world. If no action is taken, the world will see catastrophic climate change within the next half century, the cost of which will be measured in human lives. But at this pivotal moment, we have a window of opportunity. We can create the just, sustainable and prosperous future that we seek. I am a Vassar student spending my junior year at the University of Oregon, and I am going to Copenhagen this December to do everything I can to ensure that a mutual survival pact is agreed upon, not a suicide pact.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Official UNFCCC Video of Adaptation Intervention

For the official UNFCCC video of our adaptation intervention, Click Here and go to 2:42:00.

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  1. Wow, Moey. WOW! Once again, words elude me. That said, I'll say this: when I was writing my thesis 8 months ago, advocating for bold action on adaptation in Copenhagen, especially extolling the role of NGOs and civil society in creating a fair an equitable process, little did I know that one of my best friends and colleagues would be delivering a speech calling for the same ends before the WORLD. You are amazing. Keep up the good work - I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog, and I can't wait to hear more when you return to the States!


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