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I believe my generation has the unique opportunity to save the world. If no action is taken, the world will see catastrophic climate change within the next half century, the cost of which will be measured in human lives. But at this pivotal moment, we have a window of opportunity. We can create the just, sustainable and prosperous future that we seek. I am a Vassar student spending my junior year at the University of Oregon, and I am going to Copenhagen this December to do everything I can to ensure that a mutual survival pact is agreed upon, not a suicide pact.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Registering for COP15

This morning I took the metro to the Bella Center to get my security badge for COP15!!!

Arriving at the Bella Center

There is fairly high security at the Bella Center (shoes stay on), and I had to wait in line for almost an hour to go through security then check in with my passport to get my badge.  One negotiator lady was yelling at the security guard that she had to wait in line because she was going to miss her meeting and was 'demanding to speak with his boss'... he replied that his boss was the UN Secretary of Security.

It is a very unique experience because the NGOs, Negotiators and Media are all mixed together.  I met a very friendly man from the Niger delegation while waiting in line for my travel pass (free public transit for all delegates!).

Although this conference is the 15th meeting of 'the parties,' it is like nothing that has ever happened before, and everyone is expecting precedents to be broken.  We are about to be witnesses to an historical moment.

My official COP15 badge!!

Inside the Bella Center... lots of lines on this last day before the conference starts.

A refugee counter with an eerie statue just outside the Bella Center.  One of the many visual representations around the city to remind delegates why they are here.


  1. Sounds incredible, Moey! Will you have access into the Bella Center throughout the conference? I've been reading a lot about the security measures today. Some really great coverage on NYT.

  2. Hey Jimmy, thanks for the support. Yes, I should have access to the Bella Center, but it only holds something like 15,000 people, and in the event that it gets too full, they might impose limits like "only 60% of your delegation can enter today." In that case, after 60% of the SustainUS delegation enters the Bella Center, the rest of us would be denied access until people leave (they scan your badge upon exit).


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